Abstract Art

White Linen

Like freshly washed bed linen fighting against the wind as they slowly dry with the assistance of the early morning sun. With the many twists and turns of each sheet dancing, you can smell the freshness, and aroma of the flowers, orange trees, and freshly cut grass slowly brushing against your nostrils. You take a …

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Abstract Artist – Custom made frames ~ Gallery wrapped canvases

I am an Abstract Acrylic Fluid Artist based in South Carolina, U.S. My brand is New Moon Acrylics and my motto is “Let’s create something New”. We build our own frames and stretch our canvases, giving our customers more control over their painting. The customer chooses the size, shape ( square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, or …

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Acrylic On Canvas 100+80 Cm Price.800 Dollars WA.+6283843799721 Philosophy is a science with a core of logic, aesthetics, epistemology, and metaphysics. These are all the supporting sciences needed to study philosophy. Each of these branches of knowledge has an important role that can be used for philosophical thinking in everyday life. There are so many …

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The sleeping Giant

The ” sleeping Giant” is a piece of ink drawing portraying a slumbering nature of neglected area or aspect of Life or even an individual who/which can bring about positive change in the Society. This could be Talent, Natural resources or a great business idea.

Twin peaks

Drawing music and movie is easier for me than a portrait. I don’t like rules and laws in creativity. Any framework for a person is fatal, but if they weren’t there, everyone could be an artist. I feel all movies through its soundtracks. All events and emotions from the movie are conveyed by music. I …

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The couch potato

Oil painting on canvas. 120x80cm. Due to the abundance of Technology, people have become glued to their gadgets and hence, lazy towards life. Therefore, it highly Imperative for people to develop good eating abits and exercise for Health living.

The Nanny

120x80cm. This is a piece of Art trying to shade more light on Motherly love and care. On the flip side, the bond of parents and their children is slowly dwindling because of their busy schedules to make ends meet, and considering the fact that they are entrusting the care of their offsprings in the …

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